Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Seamless Set-in Sleeves

Chocolate BoleroThis is not a knitting magazine, so excuse the lack of makeup, frizzy ponytail, and bad wardrobe. Instead, focus upon my Chocolate Bolero, greatly influenced by Barbara G. Walker's Knitting From the Top. She thoroughly describes 3 different methods of seamless set-in-sleeves. In this body-first method, the sleeve stitches are picked up from the armholes of the finished body, and then knit in a series of short rows down to the cuff. It took several tries to pick up the perfect number of stitches and to successfully hide the short rowing, but it was so worth the sweat.

Then there's the simultaneous set-in sleeve method, similar to knitting a top-down raglan. It too involves short-rowing and picking-up, but to me, much easier that sewing seams, and way more stretchy. This is the Cute Cotton Cardigan for my nephew, who can now comfortably wave his arms around without the hindrance of seams. Now all I need are the perfect buttons.



What you're seeing here is a series of lifted increases to create a mock-seam at the armhole. Clever, isn't it? I may never sew a set-in sleeve again.


  1. your bolero is really really beautiful. :)

  2. That looks similar to a sweater I have finished up for my daughter. Did you block it aftr you washed it? I am wondering how I cam get it shaped better around the seams. I see you also have many patterns you have created on your own. I would love it, if you would stop by and see if you would be interested in featuring any of your patterns on my website: http://tightknitfriends.com You have beautiful work!

  3. Fabulousness! Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I'll be happy to make you a Kahlua cake anytime.

  4. Is there any way to get the pattern for the Chocolate Bolero? I "SO" love it.
    I'm a fairly new knitter who enjoys your blog a lot.
    Susie in northern NY

  5. That's a lovely bolero! And you are freakin' gorgeous, you should be a yarn magazine model or something.


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