Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Knitting Update

I'm still knitting of course, but there's been times where I've gone a day or two (gasp!) without yarn in my hands. I got a job promotion at Michaels - from knitting, crochet, and Knifty Knitter instructor, to Event Coordinator. Basically I manage the classroom, some signage, and PR work.

The new job landed me a slot on Daybreak, doing a 3-minute crafting segment for Halloween t-shirts, and did so well, they want a list of my crafting abilities, to add me in more slots. I'm trying to create a 3-minute knitting or crochet lesson, but it's not working out too well.

On the knitting front, I've gone dishcloth crazy, and have been working on Warm Up America blocks. I've also resurrected some long overdue UFO's, and they are slowly but surely on their way to completion. Next in line will be Christmas gifts, but this year, I'm making only big needles & hooks projects, to guarantee I'll actually finish them.

multi-directional garter squares dishcloth

knot stitch intarsia dishcloth

my hand-dyed yarn in a garter & rib dishcloth
scrap yarn seed stitch dishcloth

cascading leaves lace dishcloth

garter & rib dishcloth in peaches-n-cream fiesta ombre


  1. Congrats on the promotion! Your dishcloths look really great too!

  2. good job on the promotion! you have gone dishcloth crazy! they are lovely!


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