Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Radom Stripe Raglan & Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! I only made one knitted gift - a raglan for my nephew. I wanted to try a random stripe pattern (oxymoron?) that I'd read about on someone's blog, but couldn't find again, so I created my own. With 6 colors, I repeated the stripe sequence 6-3-5-2-4 so each color never repeats the same number of rows. I used some leftover acrylics to ensure maximum washability.

Random Stripe Raglan Baby Sweater

I stuffed some huge crochet hooks in my sister's stocking, but nobody gave me any yarn-related gifts. Everyone who knows me well, knows that I already have loads of yarn, knitting & crochet books, and tools, so most people probabably think I don't need more. They're probably right, but it's not about the need.

Think of an avid collector, like my Dad, who collects turtle stuff, so of course, people are always giving him turtle-related goods. Though he's got cabinets full, he always welcomes more turtle stuff. Maybe that's why he understands, and told me at Christmas, "I wanted to get you some more knitting books, but I have no idea which ones you want, so when you check your email, you'll see a gift certificate from me to Amazon.com." Thanks Dad! Several books, along with a large yarn swift, are on the way....


  1. Great Sweater. Funny how people just can't seem to put together that there is no such thing as TOO much Yarn or Knitting and Crochet related material! It is those rare few that you really need to keep hold of as really, REALLY close friends. :-)


  2. I didn't know your dad collected turtles. That's my sorority mascot, and over the years, I've amassed quite a few turtles. Ask me about my tattoo sometime. :o)


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