Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rose Cakes

Here's our grand finale cakes. First DD's, then mine.

DD's Wilton Rose Cake

My Wilton Rose Cake

This was a delicious quickie before the superbowl party.

Chocolate Marbled Superbowl Cake

Sunbeam MixerWhile preparing for the cake class, the smoke wafting from our old mixer worried my fiance. No cake?!?! He'll practically do backflips for homemade desserts, so he rushed out and returned with this 450-watt Sunbeam stand mixer. He shall eat cake until death do us part.

Now we return to the regularly scheduled knitting blog....


  1. Wow, those turned out really beautiful. Your daughter is very talented.

  2. Oh, so fantastic cake's!!! And you have so much nice in your blog! Have a nice day :-)


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