Friday, March 16, 2007

Cotton Ease on the Machine

When I have an idea than just won't wait, thank goodness for my knitting machine.

First I turn my idea into a pattern based upon my swatch calculations....

Cotton Ease Top pattern

There is still a bit of hand-knitting involved, like the seed stitch hem....

Cotton Ease Top hem

The first few rows look fine, so I keep on....

Cotton Ease Top on the machine

Here's the back....

Cotton Ease Top back

After knitting all the pieces, I realized I've never sewn a set-in sleeve before! While this design is more of a cross between a modified drop-shoulder and set-in, it still proves challenging....

Cotton Ease Top before sewing

Nevertheless, I got it done....

Cotton Ease Top sewn

The final photo will have to wait. I've worn the top quite a few times since completion, and it's in the hamper now.

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  1. Hi Meilynne, I tried to send you a note about machine knitting but could not find an addy for you. I decided to try this way. At any rate be proud of your machine knitting as you are your hand knitting. I had a small machine knitting shop in the home with yarn supplies, lessons for 25 yrs or so. Then I just closed it up one day and decided to learn to quilt. I love all hand work especially my hand knitting, crocheting etc. I do alot for
    chariety. I liked your sweater. ;) Take care. Sharon Gail in Central Florida


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