Sunday, March 11, 2007

Always on the Go

At work the other day, I had to sneak in the classroom to grab some paperwork. A student looked up and asked, "Are you staying for Crop Night?"

"Oh, I wish I could, but there's too much work to do here."

The scrapbook teacher joked, "She can't sit still long enough to scrapbook!"

"Honestly, I love looking at scrapbooks, but I'd rather knit & crochet."

The student reasoned, "Well, you have to sit pretty still for that!"

"Oh, I walk and knit at the same time. I have a special knitting bag just for that."

The teacher shook her head and laughed, "See!"

I'm an Aries. I have to move quickly, or else I feel like I'm wasting away. I walk fast, drive fast, and have an incredible urge to finish other's sentences so I can keep the conversation moving at my pace. I'm constantly seeking adventure and excitement. I read magazines instead of books. I cook gourmet meals in under an hour. I love to knit on big needles, so I can make things like these in under 6 hours....

Lion Brand Incredible Tank TopPattern: My own
Yarn: LB Incredible
4 Balls in #204
Needles: 10mm
Specs: 12sts/10cm
Size: Small

Let me just say, I love knitting with ribbon yarn - so light & airy, yet it knits like lightning on giant needles. At $2, I'm very tempted to buy the whole stash at my store, but the urge is easy to resist, since I still have 20 or so balls of this yarn in various colors!

I just hope it fits its intended surprise recipient!

My Knitting Machine StationWhile at Knit Nite on Friday (sorry, we forgot to take pics), I swatched away on some soft cotton, in hopes of making a lacy turquoise spring top. After making some calculations, I got as far as the CO 190 sts to knit in the round. At home the next day, I looked at that CO for a long time, and thought, "do I want to spend these beautiful budding spring days knitting away on a top that by the time I finish, will probably be too warm to wear?" Nope. I ripped it, and rolled out my knitting machine instead....

Guess what else I'm about to do?

Something's Brewing!


  1. hmmmm.... Beer.

    I couldn't make it to knit night. I don't get free from the house until around 6:30 at the earliest. sigh... how about knit night at the oyster bar?

  2. Love your style! Any chance of getting a pattern for that beautiful sleeveless ribbon top??

  3. I have REALLY enjoyed reading your blog!!!!

    I was wondering can you tell me how you added the Project(s) % done to your blog?


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