Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Green Booga Bag Accessories

Felted KnitsUsing my own simple patterns, I knitted a cellphone cozy and makeup bag with more handdyed LB Fishermans Wool. I love how this yarn felts, though it shrinks a lot - nearly 50% in width, and even more in height. Afterwards, it must be shaved, so I gently stroke a disposable razor over it while it's still wet. Now I've got to find a button and a zipper and get to work.


  1. Very cool!
    I just finished my 2nd crochet felted bag (its currently in the blocking stage). I Quite enjoy your blog and the different projects you are working on. After seeing your work with a knitting machine I so want one but unfortunately I'd be no good at the hand knit borders. Still, It's very inspiring.

    FYI: not sure if you know this but your new entries only seem to come up after you've added like 4 or 5 blog entries and then they all come up at once. Just in case you think no one is reading...cause we are!

  2. Is the LB Fisherman's wool a bulky wool? My brothers have both requested hunting caps, and I was thinking about attempting to dye my own wool (with lots & lots of orange Kool-Aid). I want to make sure I use a heavy wool that will keep their little noggins warm & toasty.

  3. wonderful felted bags :) great work! I just finished felting a few items and have posted them on my blog a few days ago... will be doing much more felting over the course of the summer!

  4. Very cool. I've been meaning to get to that pattern .. someday. Love your blog.

  5. Lion Brand Fishermans Wool is aran weight - size 9 (5.5mm) needles, 4 sts/inch(10cm), though for a hat, I'd downsize to 7 (4.5mm) for a denser fabric. It's a sturdy wool, slightly scratchy, but warm as hell. Men must be warned NOT to throw the hats in the washing machine, cause this yarn felts if you look at it wrong. Don't get Orange Kool-Aid, since it washes out a bit (lake dyes), instead use the Latin flavor Kool-Aid in Mandarin Tangerine, or something like that, or orange Wilton icing color.


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