Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Knifty Knitter Throw Pillow

Knifty Knitter Throw PillowIn effort to lure people into my needlework classes during the sweltering months, I offered more accessory projects. This Knifty Knitter throw pillow class did the trick. It feels cool to the touch, full of soft and silky fuzziness, and is machine washable - traits that only good ol' nylon can provide. Two skeins of Patons Cha-Cha and a skein of Bernat Soft Boucle, equals a stash-busting project you can rest your booty upon.

I heard or read somewhere that one could dye nylon like wool, with acid dyes. I'd like to try it, but what happens when you put nylon in the oven and crank it up to 200°F?


  1. I came across your blog last fall, when searching for Knifty Knitter patterns online, and just wanted to tell you how much I love it! I learned how to crochet a few months ago, but am afraid to attempt knitting with needles - the idea of managing those two needles, and the yarn sounds scary! Any possibility you might post the pattern for the Knifty Knitter pattern on your blog?

    Laura in Cleveland, OH

  2. Ooops - I meant any possibility you might post the pattern for the Knifty Knitter pillow on your blog?

  3. The pattern is quite simple, my dear. Using the 41 peg yellow loom, I held a strand of Bernat Soft Boucle and Patons Cha-Cha together, and knitted a simple tube until it was long enough to fit a 12" square pillow form inside. Bind off, and sew both ends shut around the pillow. Or you can get spiffy and bind off 20 pegs, and keep knitting the rest back & forth into a flap for 3 or 4 inches, then bind off. Sew the cast on end shut, then use the flap to fold over and secure with buttons or ribbons. That way, it's removable for washings.

  4. Ummm... I made a pot holder out of nylon yarn... it melted to the cake pan when I took it out of the oven... I cooked it at 300 degrees... so I would worry about 200
    p.s. I am addicted to your loom pattern for socks.

  5. I don't know about putting nylon into the oven... but I can tell you as the owner of a nylon carpet and mother of 4 sons, that koolaid acts as a permanent dye to beige nylon carpet!


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