Sunday, July 29, 2007

Knitting from the Top (Again)

Ever notice puddles of leaked engine oil on asphalt when it rains? The fabulous rainbow of colors swirling around on the shiny blackness always mesmerize me for a few seconds, before someone honks at me to move it. Well, that's what the colors of my recent yarn dyeing adventure remind me of, hence, Oil Slick Wrap is the name of my latest knit-to-fit project. I'm trying one of those thingies that crisscross between the boobs and tie around the waist.

Hand Painted Yarn

Besides a few sock rounds, that's all the knitting I've done in July. I've been teaching arts & crafts classes to kids full time, with a few knit classes in between. With all that work on my feet, once I'm home, all I want is food, shower, and bed. For several days, I didn't even knit at all.

I was so ready for Friday. Knit Nite was a blast! We completely filled our regular meeting room at the coffeeshop - a warm and welcoming end to a long week. Some new friendly faces showed up, and I hope the trend continues. Thank God for friends, yarn, and beer, or I problaby would've gone home and painted my toes in front of the TV.


  1. You seem to have a wonderful eye for what an ordinary (to me!) hank of yarn can become. I can't wait to see the finished result!

  2. That is some dang sweet work - i seriously want more time to crochet!


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