Monday, July 02, 2007

Yarn Dyeing Party

click to enlargeHere's the result of our last Knit Nite yarn dyeing party. I think I'm in love.

This is one pound of Sugar-n-Cream handpainted with Cibracon dyes. Everyone else used Procion MX, and D'wan brought wool & food coloring. There's more photos on my Flickr account. Most of us are contacts there, so you can see their results as well.


  1. Just beautiful! Just discovered your blog, and I'm really enjoying your posts and projects!

    I also had a question; I also have a Blogger blog(s), and was wondering how you get it so the comments, at least viewing them, show up on the main page and you can still see posts above and below . . . if you don't mind telling me, that is!


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