Friday, January 25, 2008


One pair of Clover bamboo knitting needles: $5.00
The Harmony Guides Knitting Stitches, Volumes 2 & 3: $25.00
One ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze Yarn: $14.00
Designing and knitting my first real lace scarf: Priceless

Kidsilk Haze Lace Scarf

My original plan was to knit three different lace patterns, in blocks along the scarf, all surrounded by seed stitch. I chose patterns that all repeated in the same multiples. After a few rows into the second one, I realized it was just like the first "lacy lattice stitch" which has purls on the front side rows, while the second "lacy diamond stitch" is all knit on the front side. The YO's are all in the same places. The "feather lace" to follow, will also have YO's in the same places, but different decreases.

The swatches all looked so unique in their photos, but now, seeing the patterns in the same yarn, they will look very similar. Now I want to start over with 2 or 3 totally different lace pattern. Also, I'm not liking the purls on the front side of my lace. I have two options here: rip out 4 hours of knitting, which will probably be a nightmare in mohair, or take scissors to it and cut off the first block, bind off those live stitches, and continue onward. Or should I just go for it, as is, instead of being too obsessive about all this?


  1. The scarf is beautiful so far, and I love the color!

  2. It's GORGEOUS, Mei!!! I can't wait to try lace knitting... if my socks ever get finished!

  3. Wow! Seems like all of my blogger buddies are knitting lace lately. I just decided to do some blog browsing today and I keep coming across lace patterns. I'm doing one as well so I'm excited about all the projects. Yours is even finer in gauge than mine. Beautiful and delicate. I will be back to see the final project.

  4. It looks great! Don't pull it out because it looks so nice. The color is gorgeous.

  5. Hello,
    This scarf looks very lovely. I should be very soft. It's color is nice.
    If you are interested in thread crochet as well, I would be pleased to see you and your comments on by blog. Thank you in advance.


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