Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hot Tamake Socks are Finished!

Finally, after nearly a year on the needles, these socks for my daughter are finished! I'm modeling them on my feet, but they're very tight, so even though they may not fit her now, with the way kids grow, it won't be long!

Hot Tamale Socks

This is the standard pattern from Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes & Heels, using Bernat Hot Sox yarn knit with size 2.25mm needles, giving me 8 sts/inch. I increased to 60 sts, used a K4-P2 rib on the instep and leg, then switched to 2.0mm for K1-P1 rib on the cuffs. I used a standard BO, but made a YO then BO after every knit stitch, which makes a ruffle, because essentially I've increased to 90 sts at the BO.

Aside from knitting socks with acrylic yarn (not exactly my favorite) I'm happy with the pattern itself. Now hopefully it doesn't itch her sensitive skin!


  1. The socks are beautiful - I'm sure you're daughter will love them! I know what you mean about sensitive skin - my daughter has eczema (also asthma and allergies) so she's itchy a lot. She can't wear wool, and can't use heavily scented or dyed bath stuff or lotions.

  2. so cute! are they "hot tamaLe" socks? I can't bring myself to frog my sock with the scrap yarn. someday when I have free time...

    not sure yet about knit nite.


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