Friday, April 04, 2008


I haven't knit or crocheted anything in 3 days. My honey's been sick with the flu. I've been trying to take care of him as best as possible while following hazmat procedures.

Just when I though the coast was clear to play with yarn, along comes a trail of dangerous thunderstorms. We spent most of the night either glued nervously to the TV or in the basement.

I actually took my knitting with me. There's no way I'd be able to save all my yarn in time, but my extensive collection of knitting tools and favorite reference books are all in one bag, so that, and my current project bag, were all safe in the basement with us.

As the warning siren was blaring, a tornado went right over our heads, and then touched down again a few miles past us at the North Little Rock Airport. Some people weren't so lucky - several homes were destroyed, lots of big trees were uprooted, and a car dealership was damaged.

On another note, over the next few weeks, I'll be updating the older posts with better photos. Basically, I'm moving them from a paid site, to the free blogger/google/picasa service, and at the same time, provide more detailed images. That way, if I do die in a tornado and/or site expires, this blog will still have its photos.

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  1. Yikes! How scary about the tornado! I'm glad you and your family are OK.

    I've lived in the Cleveland area my whole life, and we've only had one tornado close to my home in my lifetime. I was at work (I was a teenager and working at a fast food restaurant), and it was a bright, sunny day, and in an instant the sky turned pitch black and the lights all went off, and then the sky cleared. My sister was at home and saw the sky turn green first before it went dark. There was a lot of damage in various areas (although luckily my parents' home was OK), and some people didn't have power for a week.

    We had some really bad flooding after a storm in some parts of the Cleveland area last year, where some people who lived close to some of the rivers had water up to their roofs.

    But, other than those two incidences, we seem not to have much of a problem with rain storms or tornados here. I guess it kind of makes up for all the crap we deal with in the winter with the snow - we got 17 inches of snow here, in one day, back in February.


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