Friday, April 04, 2008

Needles & Books on Ebay

4-inch bamboo double point needlesSix sets of double point needles, in US sizes 0 thru 6 (latter not shown) in lovely bamboo from China, at only 99¢ for the entire set (albeit $6 shipping) I couldn't resist these little 4-inch cuties. There's a catch. First of all, size 4 (3.5mm) are missing. Second of all, the tips are not uniformly shaped. Some are pointy, some are blunt, and some are actually flattened! Luckily, I have access to several grades of sandpaper, so I'll try to transform these into high-grade needles, and then knit some gloves.

size 35 circularsI've been eyeing these circulars for quite some time now, because they'd be perfect for knitting big-gauge afghans, but at $20 a pop, I avoided them until I actually needed them. Then I found them at $9 for 2 sets, so I placed my bid and was pleasantly surprised that nobody else competed with me. Now that I have 2 sets, I can feasibly work smaller circular projects using both needles.

Harmony Guide to CrochetingI'm still waiting for the final purchase to come in the mail. The Harmony Guide to Crocheting is the original version of Volumes 6 and 7 of the Harmony Guides series, or at least that's what the photos seem to reveal.

To justify my purchasing of items I don't really need, I've been slowly selling excess knitting and crochet items I don't ever use. So if you're interested, check out my auctions under meilynne.

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