Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Booga Bag Remix - Done!

click to enlargeI finished the Booga Bag over a month ago. I've also been knitting & crocheting a lot, in addition to teaching classes, taking more cake decorating classes, working 2 jobs, and being a mom, a sister, a babysitter, a fiance, so I do have good excuses not to go running about with a camera and computer.

Basically, I used 3 balls of Patons SWS, all in three different colorways, 2 stripes per ball, on 6.0mm needles, getting about 3.5 sts/inch. As you can see, I added a closure strap, knitted right onto the edge, then added 2 buttons. Also, instead of one long i-cord, I made 2 separate straps. CO with long-tail, about 200+ sts (sorry, can't remember) and then BO the next row. So far, I love it!


  1. It's gorgeous!

    I appreciate your sharing the stats. I'm just finishing up a Bigger Booga Bag from instructions here on your blog.

    I love the Booga Bag, but the first one I made, per the original pattern (also one of the first things I ever knit) was too small to be of any real use to me.

  2. Very pretty bag! Sounds like you need a vacation!

  3. Your projects are always beautiful!

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