Saturday, April 05, 2008

Almost There!

Top-Down Baby Raglan in Garter StitchI bound off the final stitch on Knit Nite. All that's left are some buttons, but first, I've got to shop for some matching thread.

I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Lake, Lime, and Taupe, on size 4.5mm, 80 cm circulars, and got 20 sts/10 cm. First I knit the rectangle collar, then at the yoke, I used short-rows to bring up the back of the neck. The body is worked back & forth, a breeze in garter stitch. I worked the sleeves magic-loop style in the round, which means alternating knit & purl rows. In retrospect, I should've worked the sleeves flat as well, so the garter stitch stripes would match up better. To hide the jog, I very tightly knotted the begining and end of each single stripe, in esscence, pulling them closer together. Finally, I picked up the button bands, worked them in garter stitch, and made YO's for the buttonholes.

I used Barbara Walker's Classic Raglan Cardigan formula from Knitting from the Top. I made up my own calculations as I went, from the my nephew's measurments at 12 months.

Happy Birthday to Me!Knit Nite was also a pre-birthday party for me, although at my age, birthdays are beginning to be a dreaded occasion. I'm now closer to 40 than 30, but then when I watch reruns of Sex and the City, and see Samantha in action, I realize there's still much to look forward to!

My lovely sister Char brought me a chocolate birthday cake. Yum! This time, we kept the candles to a minimum. We didn't want to set off the smoke alarms!


  1. Happy Birthday! Don't feel bad - 40 isn't that much farther away for me either, LOL!

    The sweater looks great - the sleeve stripes look fine!

  2. love your STUFF!! happy birthday. late.
    I am doing a favor for my sister. She is making a spider man blanket for her son. she needs 2-3 more skeins of BLUEBERRY cotton ease. Would you have any to spare that she could buy? if you use raverly. she's .. amyknit40 her she'd be sooo happy
    OR write me back thanks

  3. Elizabeth J LoweApril 23, 2008 8:47 PM

    sorry forgot my ravelry name



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