Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seed Stitch Accent Tank Top on a Knitting Machine

Cotton Tank TopI worked the body on my Bond knitting machine, and the borders by hand. In the process, I experimented with working short rows on the machine to make bust darts, and so far, they look good. Afterwards, I noticed a very obvious split stitch halfway down the middle of the front, so I decided the best thing was to drop the stitches down and rework them back up. In the process, I though, "why not work them back up in seed stitch?" It was painstaking, but halfway up the column, I got into the rhythm of it, and then worked three more. I think I'll also add another two columns of seed st on each side, to to balance it a bit more. Now all it needs is a proper neckline and some sleeve borders. Only time will tell....

1 comment:

  1. What a creative way to deal with a split stitch! I've latched up mistakes, but never considered transforming the look into seed stitch.



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