Friday, January 30, 2009

Chunky Cabled Tam

I've always liked the look of berets over beanies for females. They're stylish and chic, and yet still warm and functional. I like how the tam's top leaves room for lots of design elements, from colorwork to stitch patterns.

This pattern is from Knit.1 magazine's Fall/Winter 2008 cover, the Chunky Cabled Tam. What a fun and super quick project! I doubled the yarn and used a tubular CO of 48 sts on 5.0mm needles instead, to increase evenly more easily. 1st rnd (kf&b) 2nd rnd (k1, kf&b).

Post-knitting, I wasn’t too keen with my white color choice. My daughter suggested I dye it a rich color, to make it more stylish, so we used Berry Blue Kool-aid, with a touch of Wilton’s orange & no-taste red, to tone down the brightness.

Off the head, it’s absolutely gorgeous. On the head, it reminds me of a shower cap. I have to adjust it just so, to like a chic beret instead. As funky as it is, I still wear it proudly, and it really keeps my noggin warm!

US 8 / 5.0 mm
US 11 / 8.0 mm

Patons Classic Wool Merino
2 skeins in Winter White, dyed with Kool-Aid


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! The hat is gorgeous! One of these days I really need to learn how to knit.

  2. Your Beret turned out great! Love the color too!

  3. i don't think it looks like a shower cap at all!! i think it looks great!

  4. I love the blog... and the work you've done. We need to get together some time for drinks!


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