Friday, February 27, 2009

A Lot of Knitting

February was a good month for knitting, because it was a slow month for working. I made lots of progress on my sock blank, and also completed two small projects - a pair of mittens, using my top-down pattern, and another Lily bath mitt.


I finally finished the SWS striped scarf. I alternated two colorways, Navy & Russet, inspired by Jared Flood's Noro Striped Scarf. Though it should've been a bore with endless 1x1 ribbing, the color changes continuously kept me interested. My honey likes it, too, although he has yet to wear it, but I'm not hurt, because I know he doesn't wear scarves. I was more interesting in knitting it than gifting it. Next winter, I'll make one for myself in more feminine colors.

I started an Ernie sweater for my nephew - a striped raglan, knit it pieces, so I can sew it up to perfectly match the stripes. It's based upon the construction of the pattern in Son of Stitch 'n Bitch, only much smaller. It's bigger than he is, though, and hopefully I can give it as a birthday gift, that he can wear when the weather turns cold in the fall.

For March, I will focus on finishing all UFO's before I start anything new, other than another small simple on-the-go-stuff-in-my-purse project. It keeps me sane whenever I'm out and about running errands and have to wait for something or someone.


  1. Very cute projects! I love the scarf! My husband won't wear scarves either - must be a man thing. I have to wear a scarf during the winter - my neck gets cold.

  2. Hi Meilynn,
    I just love your work. My fav. Christmas story involves red mittens. I am making a copy of this story for friends and family. I wanted to find a pretty pair of red mittens to put on the story. I found yours and was wondering if I could use it.
    Thanks, Carlee Christensen

    I have already put your picture of red mittens in it, but I have not shared it yet, I want to make sure it is OK with you first. Here is the story.
    I will you give you full credit for the picture when I share it on my blog, this is all of course not for profit or anything like that.

  3. What is your raveled name? im on ravelry and would like to be friends.


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