Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Upstream Dove Socks

The Upstream socks fit perfectly. This superwash merino/nylon blend so far is my favorite sock yarn. Not only is it soft, squishy, and silky, it's machine-washable!

Master Upstream Dove Socks from KnitPicks Sock Blank

From Cat Bordhi's New Pathways For Sock Knitters, I used the Master Upstream Pattern, a Standard Toe, the increase stitch pattern of the Dove Sock, and then followed with a Master Reinforced Heel. I had enough yarn to do two diamond repeats, and then finished with 1x1 ribbing, before binding off with just a few inches of yarn to spare. This is why I like toe-up socks: no yarn shortage & no yarn waste, either!

You can read more details about my hand-painted yarn on a previous post.

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  1. I never thought of that reason behind doing toe up socks. No yarn wastage. I like that. I have been thinking about tackling a toe up pattern


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