Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Yarn Awaits

Yes, I'm still around and doing well - thanks for all the kind messages. I still knit and crochet, too, though not nearly as much as I've done before. I took a second job in March to save some money to return to college, so I barely had any free time, just enough to work a few rows here and there. Now that I'm taking 15 hours this semester, I considerably dropped the hours of one job, but I still have even less time to play with yarn. All my free time is spent studying. So far, I'm doing well, and have all A's (hope I'm not jinxing myself!) All my WIP's are still lingering in the project basket, and only get attention a couple times a week, and only then it's just a row or two, to take a break from studying. I'm almost finished with a cardigan I started in May, and a blanket I started over a year ago. Stay tuned for FO photos!


  1. Good for you for going back to school, Meilynne! I started college as a 19 year old, working part-time and living at home with my parents, and graduated as a 29 year old, married, with two kids, and a full-time job. It's definitely not easy balancing work and school and kids - I understand what you're going through.

    Good luck with school, and I'm looking forward to seeing more finished projects - I always admire your work!

  2. Hi Mei! I have re-entered blog land now that school is finished! I hope to see some of your FO photos soon! :)

  3. Hey girl! Was on ravelry and thought of you, hope school is going well! I am going back to nursing school in March! We currently live in the frigid North again, tons of snow in our yard, can't find the trees in the back yard! miss ya! Knit something and post something! (ok, my blog has been silent longer than yours so I won't complain!)



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