Friday, January 22, 2010

College and Knitting

I made straight A's! Granted, they were all freshman & sophomore courses (History of Civ I, AR History, Intro to Psychology, World Lit, and Intro to Music), but considering I hadn't seen a campus in 15 years, AND I am a working mom, this feels like I just climbed Mt. Everest. Anyone who knows me well, or at least my knitting & crochet, can tell that I'm an overachiever, so my 4.0 should be no surprise, but it still feels good, I tell ya!

Now I'm back for another semester, taking Physical Geology, Historical Geology, and Elementary Physics, and basically it's like taking six courses, because they all have their corresponding lab class. These are required courses for a handful of science teacher degrees, and I'm still teetering between a BS in Middle school Ed, a BA in chemistry or in biology. I will definitely have to decide after this semester, so I can start taking my education courses, too.

As for knitting and crocheting, I didn't get much done until the Winter break. I completed several projects over the holidays, some of which I've posted on Ravelry. I also made a dent on some older projects, even completing a few. If I weren't on such a tight schedule, I would photograph them and make this blog more interesting, instead of droning on and on, all talk and no show, lol.

As of today, I've completed a lace scarf, lace cardigan, several hats, mittens, gloves, bath mitts, a blanket, and made some good progress on a pair of socks and am ready to felt the clogs. It sounds like all I do is knit, knit, knit, as I can only wish! In reality, I spent maybe a hour or two per day at most, and in stockingnette, I can almost work a stitch per second now. So a couple of good knitting hours equals several thousand stitches!

Here, I leave you with a few projects I did manage to photograph - a couple of hats to keep me cozy - and I promise I will eventually post more, but I can't promise when. However, if you're a Ravelry user, I keep my progress updated there more regularly, so check there if you really can't stand to wait....

Pink Earflap Hat in Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick-n-Quick   Leaf Bobble Hat in Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick-n-Quick   Helmet Liner for Charity in Patons Classic Wool - Pattern at


  1. Meilynne,

    Wow, you're a fast knitter! I love the pink hat - such a pretty color!

    Congratulations on the A's! I know what it's like to be a working mom and go to school (it took me 10 years of college off and on to get my bachelor's degree), but I'm sure you'll do fine. Just keeping plugging along.

    If I can offer my opinion, I think a teaching science degree is the best choice. There's such a shortage of science and math teachers in most states, and a lot of states offer incentives for college graduates are can teach in those fields (student loan repayment assistance, etc).

    Both of my daughter's Girl Scout troop leaders are teachers, and from what they've said (at least here in Ohio), there's too many teaching graduates in subjects like English, history, etc., but such an unfilled demand for ones in math, science and special ed. If you've got the math and science aptitude, go for it!

    Good luck with school! Looking forward to seeing more knitting projects soon!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and have spent the last couple of days enjoying your posts. Congratulations on going back to school. Just as an FYI..see if your town has a local PEO organization. They're a national women's group who promote educational opportunities for women and often give scholarships specifically for moms going back to school. Perhaps your local chapter may also have scholarship programs. -Mo


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