Sunday, April 11, 2010

Knitting Here and There

School, work, and family take priorty over yarn crafting. Still, I do try to carve out few moments here and there for knitting or crochet time. Sometimes I even forsake higher priority tasks to play with yarn. I once worked on a hat instead of studying for a physics test. I made a "C" on the test, but IMHO, the knitting deserved an "A."

I wanted a lacy beret that looked difficult, but was relatively easy to knit. This cascading leaves pattern was just the ticket. Stay tuned for the pattern!

I've been working on a few designs: two berets and one top-down raglan. The berets are cute, but I've only photographed one. The top was cute in theory, but my formula was all wrong, and it looked like a ruffled clown top. It has since been frogged, and I've re-worked the formula with less frequent raglan increases, and a better neckline. When I have more free time, I will design a truly reversible top!


  1. I'm loving the looks of that top!!!

  2. Very pretty beret! I like the top so far too. Maybe one day I'll get up the nerve to attempt a knitted garment (other than hats or scarves).

  3. I love the beret! Please post the pattern, I'd love to make a hat with a bit more detail than a normal beanie :)


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