Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Trouble With Bristol

Bristol from Verena Knitting Summer 2010 in Lion Brand Cotton Ease in AzealaI'm having doubts. I should've trusted my instincts with the ribbed hem of 5 fewer sts than the body. Though it's worked on the same needles, it pulls in, which might be ok for tunic length, but I have a feeling it will fit funny right on my hips.

My instinct is to rip it and start over, because another issue is with lace pattern repeats on the neck shaping. If I leave out stitches and maintain the lace pattern when possible, it looks weird. No wonder the model in the magazine is wearing a huge flower, in the exact area where I'm having trouble!

I plan to rip back to where the armholes begin and rework the neck line to accommodate the lace repeats. This will probably require a chart. Also, I'm contemplating how to cut the ribbing - yes, that's right CUT - then pick up the open stitches an knit a different hem.


  1. what's wrong with that hem? i wouldn't dare try to steek something after spending so much time knitting. it looks lovely...make a flower pin and move on with it.

  2. Hi! I tried emailing you at, but it was returned. I'm sure there is a better place to post this, but I am requesting permission to use your loom pattern for socks for our non-profit organization. We are Hot•Heads ( and we make hats for those in need. They have requested socks, too. We would love to use your pattern to teach our group how to make these for those in need, but would like permission to post your pattern on our site, giving you credit, of course.

  3. I appreciate your interest, but for various reasons, I do not want my patterns published on other people's websites, or by businesses that include items for sale.

    A link to the pattern is fine, but do not publish the pattern or my pictures, though you are free to post your own photos of your own items.

    If you want to make the socks to give away for charity for people in need, that's fine, but do not sell the socks or the patterns. Do not use the patterns in a class that someone has to pay for.

    Thank your for your understanding.

  4. Meilynne, I'd put a lifeline in the first row of sts after the ribbing. I've tried ripping "backwards" and it's a pain in the patootie. But if you put a lifeline should be able to cut those rib sts off with no problem.

    I'd make a swatch and try it on there first. Good Luck!!
    Love, Angela (From your Yarn Doll Rav group.)

    PS please blog your results...I'd love to know how it turned out.♥

  5. Thanks! Though I did rip back the neckline, I've decided to leave the ribbing as it. After working the front & back up to the armholes, I went ahead and sewed them together, so I could try it on. It's awesome! If I wasn't busy studying physics right now, I'd probably already have it finished.


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