Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cocoa Risata Socks

Cocoa Risata Socks

I finished these last month, and patiently put them away, to be gifted to my honey for his birthday, and boy, does he like them! He especially complimented the stitch pattern. Ok, so a person can only get so excited about socks. It's not like I got him a Porche. But the warmth he'll have on his toes when the temps drop, will be worth the thousands of stitches.

Thousands? Yes, let's do some math. These are 84 sts around, approximately 14 rounds per inch. Each sock is about 20 inches, and there's two socks, of course.

14 rounds/inch x 20 inches = 280 rounds

280 rounds x 84 sts/rounds = 23520 stitches

23520 sts x 2 socks = 47040 stitches in a pair of socks

That's love, baby!

Here's the pattern for those who've asked:

The sock formula is from Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. I knit the men's medium, at 84 sts around. Then I plugged in a stitch pattern that is basically a staggered ribbing.

Work K1-P1 ribbing for a few inches, then:

*K2 P2* rep for 4 rounds
knit even 2 rounds
*P2 K2* rep for 4 rounds.
knit even 2 rounds

Repeat 12 rounds until desired length.
After heel, continue stitch pattern on top of foot only, keeping sole in stockingnette.


  1. Now that is LOVE! Nic likes me to make him Beanies and thank goodness not socks for his big ole feet :)

  2. Very nice! I am knocking out dishcloths this afternoon and varying my pattern a tad and was just browsing the web to see if I could find a variation and your blog came up so I'm going to try your version on my next one. I checked out your decreases on your beanie and that is worth a try too. Good luck with school!

  3. The stitch pattern IS really cool.. and man that's a lot of stitches!

  4. I LOVE THOSE SOCKS!! Where can I get the pattern?

  5. Thank You! Thank You! I do believe I will be casting on now :)

  6. Hello, Meilynne,

    I was bouncing around looking at knit and crochet items. I was in the mood as I just finished some diagonal knitted potholders for a future project. I am really a crocheter, but I was taught this knitted pattern last year by a dear friend and knitter. I can only knit scarves and potholders, but for me that's okay. The needles working together are relaxing for me. I think it's because I have to do them slower than crochet.

    I found your site and I must say you are quite an interesting many things you have going! I'm impressed. Congratulations with the sale of your patterns. I am always happy when an artist gets to sell their creations.

    Your hats and socks are keep it up. I like your round crochet coasters, also.
    By the way, I wish for you much success with school, and congrats on your As! What a good feeling that is.

    Blessings to you,


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