Friday, January 07, 2011

Winter 2010 Yarn Crafting Recap

Please excuse my long blog break. I was busying studying chemistry. I got through the semester with a 3.0, and that took every ounce of gray matter I have left.

I did get to enjoy tiny spurts of knitting, during the weekends (if I wasn't studying). Then, after my last final exam on Dec. 10, I went into maniac knitting mode. In this past month, I started and finished the following...

Rainbow Mini Mochi Hat
I knit this cute earflap hat for my daughter, from a beautiful rainbow-striping yarn, Mini Mochi.

She said all she wanted for Christmas was something I made, so I knit a shawl for my Mom out of Louisa Harding's Mariposa yarn. Mom is allergic to wool, and she enjoys a little bling, so I found this wonderful cotton & viscose two-ply yarn. It reminds me of tiger eye gemstone.

I knit a hat for my Dad, in Patons Classic Wool, representing his alma mater.

I knit my fiance another Quickie Knit Hat, out of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick. This is his favorite hat. The first time the thermometer dips below 60°F he is never without one. And that's me, wearing Citron, in Malabrigo Lace yarn, that I finished just before Thanksgiving.

I designed a little crochet dog sweater for my nephew's new puppy, in some leftover Red Heart Supersaver. I have GOT to get a photo of little Coco wearing it.

I crocheted some pretty flower brooches for a craft show. There are various yarns shown here, mostly Patons Classic Wool and Berroco Lustra.

I knit a wonderful little design for a Star Ornament.

This is the third knit earflap hat in my daughter's high school colors, in Caron One Pound. I've been experimenting with different designs and this is the final. Pattern will soon follow!

I knit another of my designs for a coworker who wanted to purchase the hat instead of the pattern. It's Patons Classic Wool. The photo shows how I block the hat - on a large glass Pyrex bowl.

I knit another GIR hat for a coworker who saw a photo of the original on my blog and has been asking me to make her one ever since. This one is all Red Heart Supersaver. Next one will be knit in Debbie Stoller's Stitch Nation yarn, because she has all the perfect colors for this hat, and the wool will make it more luxurious.

Finally, this is my UFO I'm carrying over into 2011. It will be a very colorful rectangular shawl in Lion Brand Amazing yarn. It is their answer to Noro, but much more affordable. I can't wait to wear this one!

Classes start again Jan. 18, so if it gets quiet around here after then, please understand.


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