Friday, March 11, 2005

I Knit, Therefore I Crochet

Knit PurseI've been modestly productive on the creative front. I frogged my sister's birthday tank top and made her a purse instead, 2 weeks late. This is my very own pattern, which includes a basketweave stitch body, garter stitch handles, wooden sticks whip-stitched on top. I like it so much, I just might one for myself.

Brown Sheep Cotton FleeceI've just completed 1 panel of her yellow poncho on a Bond knitting machine, though it's an inch smaller than the pattern, it's the exact dimensions of a similar pattern, and since my sister is petite, I'll go with it. I'm making 2 big rectangles, then I'll sew them together and fringe and bead the edges.

Raven's Valentine's Day Sweater on the Sweater MachineRaven pulled 3 yarns from my stash and asked me to make a Valentine's sweater, so here it is March, and it's almost finished. I made this on the knitting machine too. I tried to seam the shoulders with the Kitchener's stitch, and I think I did it wrong, because doesn't look seamless. Still, it looks okay, so I'm leaving it, and hopefully it will be my first seaming-success-story.

Crochet CapeletFor Raven's Val-Day gift, I freehanded a crocheted poncho in 3 days, and everybody loves it. It's just a big red rectangle, then I joined the ends with a decreasing band, then added a picot trim. I can't decide which I like better - knitting or crochet? Crocheting is faster, but knitting creates a flatter fabric. They both make me happy, so away I stitch....

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