Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Crazy Socks

Queen Kahuna's Crazy Heels and ToesIf I were sock shopping 6 months ago, I'd probably pass up these socks. Before I started knitting, I never gave socks a second thought. I only needed 3 colors: black, tan, and white. Anything more would've been a silly extravagance, since nobody sees or cares about socks anyway. Boy, did knitting change that logic!

Gina traded me this unwanted sock yarn for beer & food. I now see why she abandoned it. Though self-striping yarn is fun to knit, this bright pattern seems juvenille, and fingering weight stitches are tedious. Since I'm still amazed that I can actually knit, 9 sts per inch won't faze me, no matter how crazy the socks look.

I'm also knitting swatches of different yarns in my stash to compare their looks and gauges, to prepare for projects. My future MIL's and my friend Amy's b-days are in May, and since they both got me knitting books for my b-day, I want to make them something nice....

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  1. Girl the other day they were magic socks! lol Told ya I didnt like the color....

    How are ya!?!?!?


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