Friday, April 29, 2005

Magic Scarf, Light, and Glue

FO! One of the easiest projects I've ever knitted has made my daughter extremely happy - again. I knit my first magic scarf back in Feb and she proudly wore it to school. She got tons of compliments on it, but just like the mean ugly step-sisters of Cinderella, a jealous girl started pulling on it, eventually unravelling it. As she sadly handed the mess back to me, I said, "Don't worry, I'll frog it and make another one," and as I did, I chanted a spell that cursed anybody who tried to destroy this magic again.

This is just a big tube of 2 skeins of Foxy by Red Heart - 50 sts on 9mm needles, garter for 4 rows, stockingnette till 15 yards of yarn left, then 4 rows of garter and BO. Cast on and bind off veeeery loosely, so I did both with 15mm needles. Stretch it lengthwise for a traditional scarf, or stretch it wide for a cowl, or stretch as wide as possible for poncho.

I locked in the woven ends with tiny drops of flexible washable fabric glue. It works great on any yarn. Squirt a tiny blob of glue on paper, and to scoop up the tiniest bit of with a toothpick. Then slip the glue between the end and the last stitch woven into. Let dry according to directions.

While knitting this magic scarf, I dropped a stitch unknowingly for many, many rows. If you've knitted with furry yarns before, you know how frustrating this is to fix. Just before I gave up and frogged, Raven's Light Tracer came to the rescue. I wrapped the furry tube around the light box, and voila! Suddenly every stitch magically appeared before me, and I put that dropped stitch back into its place!


  1. That's such a good idea, that magic scarf of yours! I was thinking of making one myself, I still don't know what stitch to use as i'm a crocheter... Nice work, really!

  2. i want to do this scarf...can u so me how to knit it....

  3. Meo, this post has instructions how to make it. Use a 16"/40cm circular needle for best results.

  4. actually i want to know what stitch u knit....knit stitch or purl stitch...or both of them

  5. "garter for 4 rows, stockingnette till 15 yards of yarn left, then 4 rows of garter and BO"

    garter stitch in the round means alternate 1 knit round and 1 purl round. stockingnette stitch means knit all stitches every round.

  6. I am new to knitting and this may be a stupid question, but how do you get it to form the tube? Do you sew it together?

    1. work on circular needles, meaning, the needles are connected by a plastic cable and you work around and around. there are lots of youtube videos on it. i always use circular needles, even on items worked in rows.

  7. Do you have sizing for an adult ?

  8. do you have directions for adult sizing?


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