Friday, April 01, 2005

Sock it to Me!

My first pair of hand knit socks!No it's no April Fool's joke, I really did make a pair of socks with my own two hands! These are my first pair, created by three methods, so one is a little larger than the other, lol. I started on dpn's, moved to double circulars, and finally figured out the magic loop. I like the latter the best. I took a few components from different patterns to create by own, using the toe up method, and adding my own basketweave cuff. I used Wool Ease worsted, so they're nice and thick, my idea of the perfect sock. Then I made the sock blockers with cheap wire hangers and a set of sturdy pliers.

Boye Needlemaster Join ModificationWhen I transfered to 2 circs, I got frustrated with having to stretch the stitches across the bulging joins of the Boye circular knitting needles. To remedy the struggle, I carefully shaped them with sandpaper. As you can see, instead of a little knob, they now have a nice slope at the joins.

Raven's Knit Wit Board GameMy DD invented a knitting board game called Knit Wit. To play, you roll a die, move the number of spaces, and collect yarn points as you go. The different spaces include cast on, dropped stitch, frog it, purl, and cast off. After collecting yarn points, you redeem them at the yarn store (my favorite)!

Raven's First Knitting!I was experimenting with a new stitch pattern, and Raven looks over and says, "Oh, I like your eyelet ribbing!" Raven is becoming a knitting nerd too! She enjoys reading the books and magazines, especially the stitch guides and patterns. When she asked me to teach her to knit, she caught on in just a few minutes. Just look at her amazing first project! I wish I had a mom like me when I was eight.

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