Sunday, September 11, 2005

Knitting Little Things

Sockapalooza Socks & DD's Belt

My Sockapalooza socks, as usual, are slightly too large. Thank goodness natural fibers will shrink. These were knit two together via the magic loops, with Senso cotton on 2.5mm 40" Inox. I did the short-row toes first, a modified Queen Kahuna heel (wrapped short-rows), and the stretchy single crochet bind off at the cuff creates a bit of a ruffle, but for double-eyelet ribbing lacy socks, I think it's perfect.

My DD has a kit of plastic beads to arrange on a peg board, then iron to melt together. She made belt buckles, and of course, I have to knit the belts that she designs. Talk about cheap labor! Since she's been dabbling with crochet & knitting, my stash is no longer safe, but she hates animal fibers (too sratchy!) and instead opts for the cheap flourescent stuff. One of these days, I'll bring home some cashmere or angora, and her opinion will drastically change - just like the first time she tried filet migon and lobster tail.

The other day, I was practicing, making a wee baby sized 100% QK-style sock. I awed at how cute it was, and wished knew a someone with a baby. Just a few days later, my sister spread the news - she's having a baby! I'm going to be an auntie, and that baby is going to be covered in handknits!

Paige's Fair Isle Hat     Paige's Fair Isle Hat

The way-too-big fair-isle hat felted perfectly. Bonus - I don't have to worry about him shrinking it accidentally too! It's knit with Reynold's Andean Alpaca, with size 7 needles, a hemmed brim, and following Ann Budd's largest hat size and 5 sts/inch (the hat was actually 4 sts/inch). I charted the fair-isle myself, borrowing heavily from an Alice Starmore design. I need to get a sweater-shaver and trim the extra fuzzballs. There's some turquoise alpaca at my store, so I may buy that and make myself a matching one.


  1. Hey Secret Sock Pal! All your projects look great! I put your socks in the mail yesterday so they should be there soon! Enjoy!

  2. The hat looks great! Just a quick tip on shaving felted things...

    A cheap, disposable razor (without the strip of aloe or whatever) will get the pills and fuzzies off felted items very quickly, with no damage to the fabric. Just shave normally (dry, of course).


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