Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cotton-Ease Craze

My Lastest SEX With Cotton-Ease, from a wonderful EBayer, IdahoMiracles.  BUY ALL HER YARN NOW, SO THERE'S NONE LEFT FOR ME!!!I'm suffering from uncontrollable urges to browse Joann's, Hancock's, Tuesday Morning, and Ebay, to search for more Cotton-Ease yarn. At last count, I have 72 skeins, eerie since that's my birthyear. Still, I want more, because I don't have any licorice.

Knitter's unite, for I need your help here! Buy all the Cotton-Ease you can, so there will be none left for me to find. Then knit it all quickly, so you'll have soft garments, but more importantly, there won't be a chance in hell for you to sell it to me.

I have made a total of 1 garment with Cotton-Ease. For some reason, I can't bear to knit the rest, because then it won't be new anymore. I will try to overcome my fear, and start with my least favorite color orangeade, perfect with Halloween around the corner. Slowly, I will work up to knitting popsicle blue and cherry red.

The first step to curing my addiction is admitting that I have one, so "I HAVE AN ADDICTION!" Now what's the next step?


  1. Sorry I can't help because I'm the SAME way! At least you have a partner in crime ;)

  2. hi there! you sound like me a few months ago. i couldn't stop myself. i ended up with 131+ balls of yarn.

  3. Like the others, all i can do is aid you in your time of shamelessness. If only Lion Brand would realize how great this yarn is, *sigh*. Here's to hoping all the craze over this yarn will make them take a second look at this travesty.

  4. You can still find it? Everywhere around here has been out for months. I've never knit with it, but the one skein I found at Tuesday's in like February sure was nice feeling. I say the second step is to buy more yarn! :)

  5. Let me just put it this way -- I recognize the little card you got with your yarn from an ebay seller -- so I'm already doing my bit to help you out! :)

  6. I'm working on my stash b/c I felt so guilty after buying all that Cotton-Ease. I'm making a bunch of baby sweaters with it, which is fun to use up some odds and ends. I never bought any of the orangeade, b/c it was just too bright for my tastes. But I do have some in Cherry Red, Popsical Blue, Blueberry, Sugarplum, Ice Blue and Vanilla! Some will be for summer garments and one I plan to make is Sitcom Chic. After that, who knows what else I will use it for. Oh and I have some in pistachio too! :-)


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