Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kool-Aid Merino Socks Update

Kool-Aid SocksWhat is wrong with me? Is this all the knitting I can do in 4 days? Granted, I did finish the original pair intended for my Sock Pal, but being the obsessively perfectionist knitter than I am, I felt the lacy orange cotton socks were not worthy for her. However, these Kool-Aid merino socks will be worth the wait. They'll match my pals website colors, and will keep her toes much warmer in NYC.

I shrank the lace socks even further with a hot water wash & dry, and now they're the right size, but then they had these weird points at the short row corners. My DD tried them on (she & my pal share the same shoe size) and said, "They're beautiful, so just send them!" But she's biased, because she keeps reminding me how she wishes she had a pair of mommy-dyed & knitted socks just like these.

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  1. That's a beautiful colorway that you dyed. Your Sock Pal will love them.


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