Friday, September 16, 2005

Ribbed Lace Top & Hand-Dyed Socks

Double Eyelet Ribbed Top in Hayden by Goddess Yarns

Some kind soul posted that she missed my blog. Hugs to you! My lack of posting isn't a reflection of my knitting. It's just that work, parenting, and other loved ones are keeping me from leisurely computer activities. My latest epic project, whom I shall call Hayden, is several inches along, and now I can knit this stitch pattern in my sleep. I've got a cool design plan in the works, so this is the last you'll see of her until she's finished, hopefully in a week or two, providided I don't start other projects in the meantime.

Kool-Aid SocksThis is my strawberry & orange Kool-Aid experiment with KnitPicks Dye-Your-Own merino sock yarn. Originally, these were intended for my DD, but my SockPal's lace socks are still too big, even after a warm machine wash & dry, so I've emailed her to explain the dilemma, and hopefully I won't get blackballed by sending the socks a few days too late. Needless to say, I'll be marathon knitting this weekend.

The yarnstore job is great as usual. I absolutely love it, and everytime I look at the clock, I can't believe how time flies. Currently, I've been rearranging the shelves to make room for the new fall yarns. The compliments from customers about how great the store looks makes me feel good, but not as good as opening fresh bags of Rowan, Colinette, and Vittadini. The favorite part of my job though, is when knitters come in for help. I've already taught a few people how to knit, and today, I taught a lady the mattress stitch, and for another lady, I fixed her mix-up with knits & purls. Next month, we're renting the space next door that's going out of business, and expanding our yarnshop to include more space for yarn, a bigger office, and a knitting lounge that will double as my first official classroom.


  1. I've got some strawberry and orange sock yarn around, too! But I overdid the strawberry a bit, and it turned out very red. I really like how yours turned out!

  2. i've been missing your updates too! the ribbed lace top is gorgeous! i noticed the closing sign next door to the yarn store. you guys definitely need more space. i'm sure you're doing a great job organizing.... they needed it! :o) i'll have to come in and check out the fall yarns soon. glad to hear things are going good.


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