Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Embelllish-KnitFor Christmas, my futrue in-laws gave me a Michaels gift card. I wish they'd given me one to my own yarn store instead, but then, it wouldn't have been a surprise. Besides, there's other exciting stuff that we don't have room to sell, like this Embellish-Knit, by Bond America, the same guys that made my affordable knitting machine. It's basically a mini 4-needle circular machine that uses DK or lighter yarn to crank out i-cord. In a few minutes, I had 6 feet of cording in my lap. Now I'm brainstorming all sorts of applications for this, like the Celtic knot or the frog closures in the instruction booklet via Nicky Epstein, if only I could decipher the dozens of overlapping arrows in the diagrams. As ususal, I'm taking the easier route, and thinking about braiding together three or four cords for purse handles or belts. Or maybe a modern version of the Pat Benatar 80's headband with the feathers dangling on aligator clips.

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  1. i agree with you about the diagrams for the celtic knot... i think i need about 10 feet of cording to do it......also, pound of love yarns work too...be careful in the begining


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