Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Knitting Resolutions

a tiny blip of my yarn stashIt's that time of year again to make lifelong promises to ourselves. For me this time it's all about yarn....

1. Prior to every project, I'll knit a gauge swatch, attach a note, and keep it in a scapbook.

2. I'll create a knitting scrapbook, w/ swatches, photos, and detailed notes of my projects.

3. I promise to weave in ends, block, and/or sew, fresh off the needles, not months later.

4. I'll keep a pair of socks and a sweater OTN - we can never have too many of those.

5. I'd love to knit a fabulous lace shawl for myself in expensive yarn.

6. I'll make that matching afghan & pillow that I promised to knit for my DD.

7. I'll churn out a sweater for my man, regardless of the boyfriend-will-break-up-with-you-if-knit-him-a-sweater superstition. Besides, he's my fiance, and he asked for one.

8. I'll stash a project or two in my car, for those rare moments when I don't have my knitting bag with me, and I wind up having to wait somewhere.

9. I'll also stash a complete knit kit in my car for an emergency present - also useful for a facinated onlooker who begs you to teach her to knit. Sell her the kit, give her 30 minutes, and create a friendship.

10. I shall continually knit several small projects throughout the year to give as gifts, especially for Christmas, so that I don't procrastinate until December, knitting a dozen different projects, only to finish half of them while howling in pain from hand cramps, and sleeping only 5 or 6 hours a night.

11. I promise to go to every Stitch-n-Bitch meeting, regardless of what else my family wants to do. They'll just have to do without me for a few hours every other Sunday!

12. I need to lighten my knitting bag and stop carrying every knitting tool, a dozen balls of yarn, and a those huge books in my bag. I mean, do I really need 20+ sizes of different kinds of needles everywhere I go, with enough yarn and books for a 2-week vacaton?

13. As difficult as it may be, I shall expand my crafty passion beyond just hand knitting - to crochet, machine knit, and sew more, and learn how to spin yarn.

14. I'll quit buying yarn & needles just because they're on sale, and instead spluge on the gorgeous hand-painted stuff that I really want, and start collecting more Addi Turbos.

15. I try to use up the cheap acrylic yarn I bought when I first started knitting and didn't know any better, by making a square a week to donate to the Warm Up America charity.

16. I'll also try to knit up the Fun Fur I also bought in the beginning, by making some furry pillows, toys, and cute stuff for DD. Then with the rest, make a furry technicolor coat or afghan for DD too.

17. I'd love to make myself a knitting bag - of felted knitting of course.

18. I'll buy and knit up as many yarns as possible from my own shop, so I can describe their qualities, to fully promote what I sell.

19. I should set a knitting budget of no more than 10% of my paycheck, with no rollover dollars for the weeks I don't buy anything - it's usually because I can't afford to anyway.

20. I'll get a huge armoire to hold all my knitting stuff, then try not to buy more yarn, books, and tools than will fit within it.

21. Everyday, I vow to get some chores done before hitting the yarn. Then when DD's in bed, turn off the TV, get off the internet, pour a glass of wine, pop in some MP3's, relax, and then transform yarn into beautiful gear....



  1. ooh There are a couple of great felted bags on Isela's site that would make a great knitting bag!
    I am with you on expanding I have to get out the knitting machines and fufull a promice to the person who gave them to me!

  2. Oooh! Do learn to spin, I'm going to learn to spin, starting this week. We can compare notes! :)

  3. You've inspired me(again!). Maybe this will be the year that I can actually keep my resolutions...hmmm, first I guess I need to decide what my resolutions are? They'll be knitting ones, of course.

    Knit Night soon?

  4. I've barely gotten any knitting done lately. You are an inspiration!

  5. Your site is fabulous! Great knits. I'm working on a knitting blog myself, actually! :) I'd like to link to you if that's ok - also I really love what you did with the drop-down menu in your sidebar...would you be able to tell me the code for that? I've been hunting and hunting the web to try and figure it out, but I'm totally puzzled.


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