Sunday, February 05, 2006

More Socks

click to enlargeHere's the second pair of striped socks from that one hank of strawberry & orange merino. DD says they're super-soft & super-warm, without making her feet sweat. That's what I like most about wool socks too, so much that I've resorting to handwashing them each night, because I only have 2 pairs of my own, and nothing compares to the coziness of wool socks in the winter.

click to enlargeFor her next pair, DD appropriately chose #5399 Fun Nation. In order to create matching stripes, I would've had to ditch several precious yards, so we both agreed that offset stripes will add to the FUN! As you can see, I'm knitting twin socks, toe-up, via the magic loop -- my favorite method because I don't have keep count or jot notes so the 2nd sock will match. I'm almost ready to knit in the strand of waste yarn for the afterthough heel, which will maintain the rainbow stripe sequence.

I've read about a straight-needle method for knitting sock. Basically it's a form of double-knitting. Perhaps that experiment will be next....

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  1. Hand knit socks are definately the most comfortable socks to wear. Also lots of fun to knit... it seems that's all I'm really interested in knitting now.


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