Saturday, April 22, 2006


Severe Yarn Stash Aquisition Syndrome.

Crash on the StashI just returned from my friend Kristi's blog, and realized that I too have the same problem. Great minds think alike.

I probably have enough yarn to knit & crochet with for the next 3 years, though some of it may be cheap, it's all useable. Check out what I was able to fit in my new Space Bags. DD crashed on the stash after helping me organize. That wasn't even half of it.

My inventory is way out of date - I've aquired so much now that I've lost count. When Hobby Lobby does their 1/2 price tool sale, I go freakin' nuts. Why do I need 3 of every size of knitting needles, crochet hooks, and tools???

Working at HWG doesn't help either, though I'm reasonable on the Addi Turbos for socks only... until I just tried my #8's for the first time. Now I'm selling all other needles on Ebay and exclusively using Addis, replacing 3 pounds of DPN's in favor of the magic loop.

Then I looked at my book/magazine/pattern stash, and guesstimated I've spent over $500 in the past year. My kind family has probably gifted me over $300 worth from my wishlist. I have books for every technique, and more patterns that I could knit in 3 lifetimes.

My family keeps encouraging my hobby with gift certificates for more yarn-related stuff. They love that I knit now because instead of clothes shopping and bar hopping, I'd rather turn on the radio, and play with yarn. Deep down, they probably all want some amazing handknitted heirloom someday, and I'm slowly but surely working on thanking them for their generosity.

I've forsaken all other friendships except those with other knitters. I look forward to Stitch-n-Bitch, Knit Night, and Sit-n-Knit whenevery I can. There is just nothing more fun to me now that spending all my free time with others who also share in this wonderful addiction to yarn and all the joy it brings.

That's all for now - I'm off to knit some baby gear....


  1. your stash is really impressive. ;) I bow to you

  2. ok, I will forgive that you spelled my name with an "e" since you are forsaking all non-knitting friends to knit with us on occasion! Have any crystal palace dpn's before you get rid of all of them on ebay? I have lost one of my size 3 sets and Mother in Law has the other set! lol...I too have a tool issue!

  3. that is crazy!!!!! all that yarn.

  4. Ah - What a I am not alone in the world of yarn..Very impressive.


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