Thursday, May 04, 2006

Granny Squares and Flowers

Granny SquaresOver a year ago, I made my first granny square with my first yarn ever purchased. I intended to make DD a poncho, but stoped at that first square.

I rediscovered it while organizing my stash, and since I've been in a crochet mood lately, I whipped up a few more squares during CSI. My tension is much looser now, so I had to shift down a hook size from last year.

DD took a long look at my work and suggested that a beach bag would be cuter. She's always full of great ideas like that. With four more squares and a handle to go, hopefully I'll have it finished by next summer.

Crochet FlowersDD politely advised that my crochet beanie was too masculine. "It needs to be pink or have flowers." She's always right.

After following the same 3 flower patterns over and over, I devised my own. It's everything I love in a crochet flower - large round curly petals and a textured center, and made without having cutting the yarn (except for color changes, duh). Now I need some tea and cakes.


  1. Great hat!!! it is soo cute!

  2. The DD was definitely right. I love the flowers, just the right touch!!

  3. do you have a pattern to share for this cloche and flowers? my DD would just adore it and put her at the top of the "friends" list at school. her hair is 2 feet long and gorgeous. she's 13. my hair is short but I'd like to make one too. any suggestions? Teresa

  4. Since it's 2 yrs later, I hope you see this!! Would you share the crochet beanie with flowers pattern with me? I like this one better than any I've ever seen before!! If so, my email is:

    Thanks so much :-)


  5. wow that flower is absolutely beautiful. im making my mother a cover for christmas and have been trying to find the perfect flowers to make and put on it. i believe this is my favorite so far. i hope u get this message, and if so, would there be any way you could email me the pattern i would greatly appreciate it. and im sure my mother would find it to be very beautiful! if so my email is


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