Sunday, January 14, 2007

Knit From Your Stash & Knitting Resolutions

Knit From Your StashRemember that episode on Sex and the City when Carrie realized that she had $40,000 worth of shoes, but no equitable assets? That's me with my yarn stash. If you remember this (and I've acquired more yarn since) you'll know why I need to jump on the KFYS wagon.

I've edited the rules, to fit my own stringent needs:

1. The Knit-From-Your-Stash-a-Thon will start January 1, 2007,
and run through December 31, 2007 -- the entire year.

2. I will buy absolutely no yarn, nor any yarn-related tools, books,
or accessories, with these exceptions:

a. Magazines are limited (I'm not made of stone!) to 3 per season,
and only with a 40%-off coupon or subscription.

b. If I break/loose a tool, I can replace it.

c. If I'm knitting something and I run out of yarn,
I can buy yarn to complete the project. However,
I foresee abuse, like picking a solo ball from the stash
to start a sweater, and having to buy 11 more to complete it,
so I limit myself to 2 balls max.

d. I'm allowed to buy yarn gifts for a fellow knitter.
My own birthday does not count.

e. I get one "Get Out of Jail Free" card,
which I'm about to use for some 5-inch dpn's on eBay.

3. I am allowed to receive gifts of yarn, including gift certificates
which can be redeemed for yarn.

4. Trading stash is allowed. Selling stash on eBay is encouraged.

5. Spinning fiber of any sort is restricted to 5 lbs for 2007.
Dyes are restricted to food-grade dyes only.

Here were my resolutions for 2006. Let's see how I fared:

1. Prior to every project, I'll knit a gauge swatch, attach a note, and keep it in a scrapbook.

2. I'll create a knitting scrapbook, w/ swatches, photos, and detailed notes of my projects.
Does this blog count? What about my knitting notepad?

3. I promise to weave in ends, block, and/or sew, fresh off the needles, not months later.
Yes, I did keep this one, to within a few weeks.

4. I'll keep a pair of socks and a sweater OTN - we can never have too many of those.
For the most part, yes on this one.

5. I'd love to knit a fabulous lace shawl for myself in expensive yarn.
Still dreaming....

6. I'll make that matching afghan & pillow that I promised to knit for my DD.
She's still reminding me....

7. I'll churn out a sweater for my man, regardless of the boyfriend-will-break-up-with-you-if-knit-him-a-sweater superstition. Besides, he's my fiance, and he asked for one.
Transferred to 2007.

8. I'll stash a project or two in my car, for those rare moments when I don't have my knitting bag with me, and I wind up having to wait somewhere.

9. I'll also stash a complete knit kit in my car for an emergency present - also useful for a facinated onlooker who begs you to teach her to knit. Sell her the kit, give her 30 minutes, and create a friendship.
Scratched. Yarn is never more than a few minutes away, and I sell my knitting classes instead.

10. I shall continually knit several small projects throughout the year to give as gifts, especially for Christmas, so that I don't procrastinate until December, knitting a dozen different projects, only to finish half of them while howling in pain from hand cramps, and sleeping only 5 or 6 hours a night.
I managed a few.

11. I promise to go to every Stitch-n-Bitch meeting, regardless of what else my family wants to do. They'll just have to do without me for a few hours every other Sunday!
Now I work practically every Sunday, but Friday Knit Nites rock!

12. I need to lighten my knitting bag and stop carrying every knitting tool, a dozen balls of yarn, and a those huge books in my bag. I mean, do I really need 20+ sizes of different kinds of needles everywhere I go, with enough yarn and books for a 2-week vacaton?
I weaned myself down to a 5-pound knitting bag.

13. As difficult as it may be, I shall expand my crafty passion beyond just hand knitting - to crochet, machine knit, and sew more, and learn how to spin yarn.
I spun once, and dabbled in beading, papermaking, soapmaking, and basic sewing.

14. I'll quit buying yarn & needles just because they're on sale, and instead spluge on the gorgeous hand-painted stuff that I really want, and start collecting more Addi Turbos.
Again, hahahahahaha!

15. I try to use up the cheap acrylic yarn I bought when I first started knitting and didn't know any better, by making a square a week to donate to the Warm Up America charity.
Though I only managed a dozen squares, I helped Michaels sponsor the event, and ONE person showed up to help me complete 3 afghans. Two big sacks of squares are still sitting in my closet.

16. I'll also try to knit up the Fun Fur I also bought in the beginning, by making some furry pillows, toys, and cute stuff for DD. Then with the rest, make a furry technicolor coat or afghan for DD too.
It's still sitting in my stash.

17. I'd love to make myself a knitting bag - of felted knitting of course.
I have the yarn ready....

18. I'll buy and knit up as many yarns as possible from my own shop, so I can describe their qualities, to fully promote what I sell.
What was I thinking? That's way too much yarn!

19. I should set a knitting budget of no more than 10% of my paycheck, with no rollover dollars for the weeks I don't buy anything - it's usually because I can't afford to anyway.
I managed this one, but even 10% still amounts too much yarn.

20. I'll get a huge armoire to hold all my knitting stuff, then try not to buy more yarn, books, and tools than will fit within it.
An old dresser works for now.

21. Everyday, I vow to get some chores done before hitting the yarn. Then when DD's in bed, turn off the TV, get off the internet, pour a glass of wine, pop in some MP3's, relax, and then transform yarn into beautiful gear....
I like this one -- doing chores first helps me relax and knit without distractions.


  1. Does helping me dye my cotton yarn with non food grade dye count against you in #5? You know I just got all that dye for Christmas and I'm gonna need your help.

  2. Hello from Missouri!
    I found your blog as I was researching dyeing with food colors. I have done a lot of testing and your post about the purple yarn gave me some more ideas. Thanks!
    You can see what I've been up to if you like at

  3. 'Ditto' on your nbr 12. My excuse is...just in case I need to ????


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