Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DD's Scarves

I finished these quite some time ago....


This one was knit with Rowan's discontinued alternative line, R2 in Rag. There may be some left at The Handworks Gallery. It's a ribbon yarn, and this colorway is like a shredded oil stained work shirt - so punk rock!

I used 3 balls here for a 3" x 72" scarf, #17 needles, and dropped garter stitch - a great pattern for ribbon yarns:

  • CO any # of sts (7 here)
  • K 2 rows

  • Next row, *YO, K1, rep from * till end of row

  • Next row, *K, drop the YO, rep from * till end of row

  • Rep these 4 rows, until desired lenth

  • End with K2 rows and then BO

To keep the feel of the deconstructed look, I didn't bother to weave ends - just knotted & trimmed them, then added fringe.

This scarf was knit with my birthday yarn that DD gave me. Only 1 ball was needed for a 5" x 90" scarf, with Red Heart Symphony on #8 needes. This bias garter stitch is pretty much the same as those simple diagonal dishcloths, but with a longer body in the middle. It helps to tie a marker or place a safely pin on the inc/dec side, so you know where you're at in the pattern.

  • Place slipknot on needle

  • Kf&b, (1 inc's made)

  • K 2

  • Kf&b, Kf&b (2 inc's made)

  • K 4

  • K1, Kf&b, Kf&b, K1 (2 inc's made)

  • K 6

  • K1, Kf&b, K across to last 2 sts, Kf&b, K1 (2 inc's made)

  • K all

  • Rep the last 2 rows until desired width (32 sts here)

  • K1, Kf&b, K across to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1

  • K all

  • Rep the last 2 rows until scarf is desired lenth

  • K1, K2tog, K across to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1

  • K all

  • Rep the last 2 rows until 6 sts left

  • K1, K2tog, K2tog, K1

  • K 4

  • K2tog, K2tog

  • K 2

  • K2tog

  • K 1

  • Cut yarn and pull through last st to fasten off

  • Weave ends & add fringe if desired


  1. Those are great scarves, and your daughter is very photogenic!

  2. I like the yarn of the first scarf.It gives great visual effect. Your daughter looks just like you.I bet you looked exactly like her when you were at her age.


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