Monday, November 19, 2007

Oddball Bath Mitts

I'm always thrilled when I discover some oddball knickknack that I saved years ago comes in handy. For instance, all my remnants of cotton yarn became a ball band dishcloth months ago, and the remainder became these colorful bath mitts.

The pattern is straight from the label of Sugar-n-Cream. It's also distributed freely online with registration.

To avoid the dreaded seam sewing, I knit them in the round on bamboo dpn's. Working garter stitch in the round means alternating rounds of knit and purl. If you want to try and recreate this colorway, use Peaches-n-Creme in Fiesta, Sugar-n-Cream in Splash, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, and Lion Cotton in Poppy Red. Knot on new colors when it feels right, sometimes on right side rows, sometimes on wrong side rows, or in my case, purl rounds and knit rounds.

Now it's time for me to go bathe in technicolor!


  1. Those are so pretty - I love bright colors!

    You might have to hide them from your daughter, LOL!

  2. i LOVE them. the colors are so vibrant. that makes for a happy bath.

  3. Dang! Get blinded while getting clean! Just kidding, they really do look great. They make for a happy bath time.


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