Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mama Betty

My great-grandmother was an avid and talented crocheter. I remember as a child, watching her fingers fly, as baby booties, blankets, lace tablecloths, and (my favorite) doll clothes, would flow from her hooks. My last memories of her were back in my teens, when she was approaching her 90's, and my family visited her in a nursing home. She slowly became an invalid, and it always felt sad to see her like that. My sister and I would hold her hand as we spoke to her, and sometimes that would bring tears to her eyes.

After she passed away, my Grandma gave this doll to me. It still brings me joy to stroke my fingers over the perfect little stitches of fingering weight baby yarn. Over the years, the cute matching bonnet has disappeared, probably when my daughter played with her. I'm sure I'll find it someday, when I unearth boxes of old baby gear from storage.

Nowadays, whenever I pick up a crochet hook, I always think of my great-grandma Betty. Sometimes I imagine her as my guardian angel, watching over my shoulder and nodding in approval when I hook up something pretty. Or I imagine her shaking her head in disgust when my gauge is off, or I crochet a project like...

this fluorescent beanie cap. I used the "Boy Beanie" pattern straight out of the pages of Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker. The pattern actually calls for Red Heart Super Saver, which I have quite a bit of in my stash, even the "camouflage" color. Instead, I used "bikini," probably the brightest colorway known to yarnkind. Sure, I could've gone for something softer and subtle, but sometimes, I find great satisfaction in creating something fun & crazy. Mama Betty, I hope you understand.


  1. What a great story about your great-grandma! I never knew my grandparents (or great-grandparents) for that matter - both of my grandfathers died before I was born, and both of my grandmothers died when I was very young, so you were blessed to have your great-grandmother around as long as you did. The crochet projects are great too! I only crochet and loom knit (although I plan on trying to learn how to needle knit), so I love seeing crochet projects on your blog! I love bright colors, so I think the rainbo hat is great! My 4th grade daughter's school has a "Crazy Hat Day" every year, where the kids get to wear funky hats to school (it's a Catholic school, so they don't normally get to wear hats), and that hat would be perfect. I also loved the granny square - what was the name of the yarn color you used?

    Laura from Cleveland, OH

  2. I like your hat, but I'm not that much brave so I could wear it.
    I like the story about your grandma.


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